Who are Jobsprout?

Who are Jobsprout?

We are two brothers from Cardiff who have worked in the Tech industry as a designer for the last 5 years and the other half a recruitment manager for 10 years.

A sunny afternoon in the summer of 2016 we decided to create t a simple job hiring platform that caters specifically for the millennial generation. Our low-cost adverts mean that small business and recruiters can afford to hire strong potential candidates without breaking the bank.

We believe our system cuts through the bullshit and straight to the point. If your looking for work simply search for the role you desire, sign up and apply directly through the Jobsprout platform.

Once submitted the recruiter will be notified by email, they can then click the link in the email to direct them to their personal dashboard on Jobsprout where they can rate, bookmark and comment on potential candidates. From the employer’s dashboard, users can change job listings, click filled once the position is occupied and add new roles.

We could waffle on all day about how amazing our site is why not just sign up and find out for yourself. If you have any feedback or would like to just have a general chat about Jobsprout feel free to contact us.

Happy Sprouting!

The Sprout Brothers